Shin Splints Explained And Good Shin Splints Treatments

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Shin splints are a term used to describe the painful condition associated with the tibia. The tibia is the length of bone that runs down the front of the leg from the knee to the ankle. Problems with this bone and a thin layer of tissue that covers the bone can be very painful.

The thin layer of tissue that covers the bone can become inflamed and also small fractures along the tibia can occur. This is what is known as shin splints.
It is commonly caused by stress and pressure on the lower part of the leg from high impact sports and exercises such as running, dancing, aerobics, and gymnastics. Although some people may get this condition through sports that do not have such high impact such as walking.

Constant pounding from the high impact sports puts the tibia bone under a lot of pressure but also changes in your routine can cause the same damage. If you suddenly increase the amount of running you do or dancing then you may experience inflammation and small hairline fractures.

Also foot wear can be a problem. Soles on shoes can be too strong and they do not flex enough causing the leg to fight this stiffness with every step.
How can you treat this condition?

You can take the necessary precautions by increasing your training routine gradually, checking you are wearing suitable footwear whilst walking or taking part in any sport and you can also use a simple home remedy to alleviate the pain.

The simplest form is to reduce the inflammations in the bone with ice. Add an ice pack to the leg for approximately 15 minutes and repeat this 2 to 3 times every day. The cold temperature will help to reduce the swelling and alleviate the pain almost immediately.

Obviously longer term shin splints treatment may be necessary so it is important to look into this.

Think about strengthening the leg muscles and incorporating these exercises into your daily routine. Learn more here.
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Shin Splints Explained And Good Shin Splints Treatments

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This article was published on 2011/02/04